Tuesday, September 2, 2014


 Wish me luck! I'm trying Flickr for my photos. Googles' Picassa Web album dropped all my pictures after June, and will not save any photos in new folders. I've managed to get a few to stick by putting them in pre-June folders, but it's kind of a pain to search through when I've been using it as a timeline for my plants and chickens. =/
 So, getting started again, here are my baby trees:

 Or not.
 Blogger doesn't want to see my links to Flickr. (yes, my photos are public.) So, now I'm trying Photobucket. I'm already hating the extra-loud ads. And Photobucket doesn't download my photos in order, either. Hummm. Give me a sec to re-arrange them.

 Or not.
 This is *very* frustrating. They've doubled my photos, and will not go into any sort of order.  I'm open to suggestions for photo-sharing websites. 

 I've fixed the doubling but, Blogger refuses to see Photobucket either. I think I may quit Blogger and move this blog elsewhere.

 Sorry, I'm giving up for tonight.

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