Monday, November 4, 2013

The Back Story, or Other Stuff We've Done While Not Writing

We completed our dive training, and we're now certified divers! 

This is the first open water dive at Lake Sequassen.

It was freezing, but we had hot chocolate. =)

And our second open water dive, out of Bridgeport. We swam around "The Mystery Wreck of Penfield Reef". 

 Our intrepid leader, Lori. =)

My friend Sally and I rode bikes together. Here she is, not showing her face. *shakes fist*

I fell off of Vince.   =(    Twice.

A local church had it's annual fair. This is "Congregational Soup" . Many people make their favorite soups, and they all get added to the cauldron... It's fantastic! I have some there for lunch, and buy 2 large containers for home. It never lasts past the next day. =)


Erin and her friend getting ready for cosplay at another friends house.

Characters from Homestuck.

We went to Lake Compounce for a haunted Halloween walk. It was awesome! 

I love that he let her drive. =)

I want this detail on my own fence someday!

That's about all for now. What have you been up to? =)

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