Monday, November 18, 2013

Four Done, Two To Go

Sheesh, look at those weeds!

Today I'm working on the hives at the Walkers'. Opened up the hive on the right, only a few bees here.

Not too bad when you're inside the hive.

But, there's no honey. None.

There is some nectar, but I'm going to need to watch and feed these bees heavily over winter.

Sugar board on top, mouse guard on, and done. =) Halfway finished!

Second hive, similar to the first when I first peeked...

Plenty of bees.

And, oh my gosh, honey!

Thank goodness! Maybe I should combine these two hives to over winter?

After the mouse guard, and done. Two-thirds of the way finished. =D

Oh, and I pulled some weeds too. =) I don't really like how the sugar is propping the hive open, I'm going to try to make or buy Imirie shims, so that there will be enough space inside for sugar boards.

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