Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Great Goodwill Day!

 I just stopped in because I haven't been in awhile... I actually sat in the parking lot for a minute, thinking that I should just skip it because I have a gift card, but, not having planned on going, I'd left it home.
 Boy, am I glad I went in!

I found this lovely:

 Excalibur 5-tray dehydrator.

 For $85.
 As I said, I hadn't planned on stopping in, so this was waaay more than I thought I'd spend! But, since it's $189.97 on Amazon, I think I got a pretty good buy. And, it was something I've wanted for awhile, but could never justify spending that much on it.  =)
 Yes, you can bet I tested it out right away. Heats, blows, and maintains the temperature range it's set at. Tomorrow, I may even put some food in it!  =D

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