Friday, March 28, 2014

Chick Days!

They're here!

I still have bees:

 At last look, 4 out of 6 survived. But it's been cold since then, and I believe I've lost at least one more.. =(
 I'll check again, and let you know.

 I still have figs, too:

 Just starting to come back. =) I may have lost my Italian Purple and the Peters' Honey, again, wait and see. (The Peters' Honey has one little branch, from the bottom, that looks like it's still good.)

 Other plants. Pruned the plums:

 I saw a guy on YouTube, who said you could propagate plums by sticking cuttings in dirt. So, I'm trying that.

 Back to the chicks!

 Lookit! They're sleepy.

 Too tired to hold up her tiny little face:

 Here are some awake chicks:

 We got one each of Golden Laced Wyandote, Silver Laced Wyandote, Speckled Sussex, Amerucana, and Buff Orpington.

 The only one that I know for sure, is the Buff Orpington. She's the yellow baby.

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