Monday, February 11, 2013

For my Birthday...

I made my own yogurt!

I picked up a EuroCusine Yogurt Maker at a Goodwill for $20. Yay! =D The box was a bit beat up, but the maker was brand new inside, still wrapped in it's plastic.

Heating the milk:

Cooling the boiled milk:

Mixing starter yogurt into the warm milk:

Measuring it into the cups:

Then, put it in the yogurt maker, without lids:

Try to do something with the leftover milk:

And, finally, clean up:

I've had a couple of guinea pigs, uh, I mean, friends! Yeah, friends try it. And I had some myself. Not bad at all! I had some strawberry jam that didn't gel properly, that I mixed in. (We've been using it on ice cream too!) Yum!

I'm counting this as "fermenting something" and taking it off my list. =D (#3 check!)


  1. no no no you cant take fermenting off your list till you make Mead. I volunteer to be a guinea pig for that.

  2. Lol! Mead is *definitely* in it's own category!