Saturday, February 16, 2013

Maple Sugaring

We went to a class on Maple sugaring at New Pond Farm today.

Here's Erin in front of the evaporator.

This is Pete, our instructor.

He explained how syruping works, how the extractor works, and how to tell a maple tree in the winter.
                                                                      Not a maple.

Thank goodness for that!
He introduced us to a maple tree that he planted next to the sugar house 25 years ago.

It's still not big enough to tap!
Then, we took a walk to a tree he was ready to tap. He showed us how to drill at an angle so the sap would pour out,

and how to put in the spile. (Let me know if this video works, it's the first time I'm trying one.)

He hung the bucket and the lid. Then we went back inside and tasted some syrup on cornbread, some maple cream and maple candy.

I have *got* to try to make maple cream!

I have a few spiles that I'd bought last year, and I've been saving some empty milk jugs for the sap. I guess it's time to get started. 0_0 Wish me luck?

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