Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Day Late!

I finished painting my wooden ware today. Packed it up in the car and went to split my girls. Again.
When I get there I noticed that they weren't as busy as they had been... Uh-oh!

So I go ahead and open the hive. The hive is so empty! And most of the swarm cells are open! Oh no!

Drat! Well, I had all this stuff in the car, so I added another medium to it, alternating the frames that are in the hive with empties. So now I have 2 medium supers with alternating frames of brood. They sure aren't crowded now. -_-

There were still a couple of queen cells, so I pulled a few frames and put them in a new deep super. (The medium super cell is gone.) I brought the new super over to the Walkers', but I may bring that one to another home. (I'm waiting for a call back.) Then I checked the Walkers' nuc. Thank goodness, it looks great!

The queen cups are open.

And they have larvae!

 I did move one frame over to the new hive, checking very carefully for the new queen. I still haven't seen her, but the signs are good!
 I need to make more deep frames and get them into a deep hive body. Can't have them getting too crowded in that nuc.

 Here's my car after the move:

Beekeeping is exciting!

After everything was moved and done I spoke to Kate, she told me there was a cluster of bees in the little garden in front of the hives... Last night. Yep. *headdesk* They swarmed yesterday. Maybe I can put up "Lost" signs. "Have you seen these bees?" "Please call!"

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