Saturday, June 1, 2013

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent

Made the liquid detergent today. It wasn't as difficult as I thought. I made the mistake of putting the FellsNaptha soap in first... I thought it needed to melt. It should have gone in last.

The soap looks like it did last time. One half a bar.

Added the Borax and the washing soda. One cup of each. 

Boiled it for 15 minutes. Carefully! You don't want it to boil over!

Then I added a few drops of lemongrass oil, and poured it into empty detergent containers. It's supposed to gel when it cools, and you should shake it before using.

My only gripe is that it destroyed the inside of my pot! I guess I have a soap-making pot now. I just  
need a new cooking pot. 

This is the pot *after* it was cleaned! The bottom coating is just *gone* and the insides look trashed as well. =( I hope this stuff works!

In other news, the thrift shop gods smiled on me yesterday. =) I found a pot that I've been looking for, for a friend. I brought it home, scrubbed it up. Now it looks as good as new! 

Paid $45 for it. It retails for around $300. Thank you thrift shop gods!

And when I got home, my salt had been delivered. 

It's hard to see in my pictures but it's pink! It's 10lbs of "Real Salt" sea salt. Now I can play with fermenting a little bit. 

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