Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last Two Done

Well, I guess you can tell that I haven't been here for awhile. =/

Front hive:

Small cluster but they look fine.

Trouble! No honey, just nectar.

Should I combine this hive with another?

Closed the hive up, and put on the mouse guard.

Next hive:

Whoa. Many more bees here!

And honey too!

But will there be enough to carry them through the winter?

Would there be enough, if I combined the other hive with this one?

I'd have to find the queen, and I think they may have replaced her. =/

Closed up and done, guarded from the mice. Still a little mad at me, but they calm down quickly.

Pulled a few weeds while I was there. Looks much better. It's the hive on the left that has honey. I also don't like how the tops don't sit flat with the sugar board in. Imirie shims are on order to fix that.

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