Monday, December 23, 2013

Making Lip Balm

It's my first time making lip balm. The recipe is from YouTube. Though the recipe given isn't quite the same as the recipe that they use in the video. *shrug* I kinda did both. Since I forgot the vitamin E oil the first time, I remelted those tubes into the next batch I made.

First step is to melt your beeswax. Took me forever. The wax in the bottom of the cup is wax that I'd bought from a retired beekeeper, and the honeycomb piece on top is from my own hives. =)

Almost ready. Notice the little dark chunky bits? Pollen. So I had to let it settle and cool down. When it was completely cool, I scraped the pollen out of the wax and melted it again.

Melt and mix all your ingredients.  I used a small Ball jar in a small pot of water. Once it's mixed, pour it in your tubes or containers.

Let them cool for a few hours. I let mine sit overnight.

And, so you know I'm a real person, here's the half-filled tubes that I'll deal with later.

And the one that I forgot to screw back down when I took out the first batch.

So, I have a few tubes now. Anybody want to test one for me?

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