Sunday, September 1, 2013

Comic Conn Saturday

Gamzee Makara:

 Scary things outside at ComicConn, are you sure we have to go in?

I got a kiss from a Storm Trooper! 

Slowly we picked up other Homestuck fans.

Adding a few here and there.

 Almost all together now.

 Just make yourselves right at home...

As the entertainment walks right through the door!

A couple more girls. By now, I've started taking pictures of all the people taking pictures of Erin Gamzee and friends. 

The temporary horns finally came off. Still cute, Gamzee!

Eventually, Dr. Who and friend stopped by to chat.

Some aliens from "V".

 Two Thors and a Mr. T.
He held that pose for a really long time, I was very impressed!

There were others, but he was the best.


Squeee! R2D2!
No, there was nobody inside, it was just a display, but so cool.

And friend.
Anybody know the mane of this character?

And a good time was had by all!

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