Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Fig (and others) Update for August!

This is my unknown variety of Italian Purple fig. Third year I've had this one, and I may get a ripe fig from it!

This one is "Peters' Honey".
I think this one will be a light colored fig. It's hard to tell, but I think some of them are starting to get ripe.

See the lower one? How it's starting to droop down from the stem? That's what makes me think it's almost ready. =)

Little figs, staring with Black Maderia.

Early Violet.

Violett de Bordeaux

Giant Amber. Yes, the second one has a few new leaves! 

And Genoa.

The green Champagne grapes look a little better than when I planted them.

And the Crimson Grapes are beautiful.

Both seem to have a critter digging around in them. I'm guessing it's a chipmunk.

Last, but not least, the raspberry runners that I pulled and potted. I sold a bunch of these at a tag sale in the spring. =) Let me know if you need any!

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