Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So, here's my cricket:

I picked up this cricket cage at a tag sale for $5 just because it was neat. Nice to have a use for it. =)

She seems to be OK with the cage,

Except when she's not. =D She does go back in when she's hungry, but right now, she's between the floor and the fireplace. =(

I've been giving her fresh spinach and fruit daily. Today she has a bit of my first ripe fig!

I noticed that the fig was starting to split, so I picked it. =)

Shared it with Erin, and cricket. It was so very sweet! 
I've decided that I like figs after all. Fresh and ripe figs are nothing like grocery store figs! =D

The Mark Twain Library had it's annual book fair this weekend, I bought lots of books at great prices. Erin and I have joined Venture Crew, it's a co-ed Boy Scout troop whose focus is "high adventure". We're working on a scuba trip for next year, and Monday (the last day of the sale) was our first fundraiser. We start dive certification tomorrow!

Today, I made a new batch of liquid laundry soap.

You know the drill, shred the soap, mix the stuff, boil for a bit.
Clean up the mess.

Fill up my containers. Not bad, these four containers lasted three months. That means I bought enough Fells-Naptha to last me two years! I wonder if there's enough Borax and Washing Soda to last as long. It's looking pretty good, so far.

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