Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chick Update! (#1)

Babies are starting to get leggy.

Standing up tall most of the time now.g

So curious! They'll eat out of my hand, and a couple will jump up and perch on my hand. Cute now, I hope it's still cute when they're full-grown!

Enough feathers have come in, that I'm now sure who's who. This *is* the Speckled Sussex. I'm a little worried that I may have 'Roos, "she" seems a bit aggressive with the others... Jumping up, and chasing the Silver Wyandotte off of my hand. The Wyandotte may be a 'roo too. =/ Both of them have longer tail feathers than the others, and I've read that it could be an early sign of rooster. Though, in favor of being a girl, her comb isn't there yet, just like the other girls. =)

So, wait... Am I hoping for an aggressive girl?!?

Anyway, I'll go try to take individual pictures, so you can tell them apart too. =D

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