Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trees and Chicks

Perching is fun!

I sure look like a little hen now!

UPDATE: The following photos are just gone. Google seems to have deleted the entire album that they were in. I've found a few in the computer, and I'll replace them here as soon as I sort out which is which, and take take new pictures of the missing Honeyberries.
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I found and fixed the photos. But I need to find a better place to store my pictures, as Google just doesn't want to work for me anymore. Ideas? Anyone?

On Thursday, my Honeyberries arrived! All by themselves... I wonder where my trees are?

This is the first one that I pulled out. So. Very. Small. This first one is "Cinderella" It says "compact grower". But wow, this one is small. Maybe it's a dwarf plant? While it has a few buds, it only has a few tiny leaves. The moss is neat though. =/

Starting to look better. This is "Blue Moon".

This one is "Berry Blue" Looking like a few might live. =)

"Blue Belle"

"Blue Velvet"

Here is "Borealis". It also looks like it may be a dwarf, like the Cinderella. Though this one seems to have a lot more buds and branches. We'll see how they do!

So, I see about a 50/50 survival. Three of them look fine, two of them look iffy, and one is just sad.
They're going to wait here, until I get them planted.

Oh, and thanks for the junk mail, Stark Bros. Does anybody need Allegra? I've got a couple for ya'. I'm going to keep the 5-Hour Energys, I need the little bottles to hold fuel for my Penny Stove.

Oh, here they are, just a day behind the honeyberries, my Cherry trees are here! Small box for such big promises!

Oh, good. More junk mail. Allegra anyone? Anyone? *sigh* Wait a sec while I pour the 5-hour energy down the drain.

Cherry tree trunks, one is much larger than advertised, and one is, of course, smaller than it's supposed to be. (I ordered the Semi-Dwarf "Supreme" version of each. "Supreme" means it's supposed to be 5/8 or larger in diameter. Stella is only 1/2 inch.)

We interrupt this plant post to bring you "Chicken Shadow Theatre".

Since I'm going to be working outside today, I thought the girls might enjoy some sunshine.

Before you scold me, it was 70 degrees today. They were only outside for 10-15 minutes, just long enough to clean out their pool. They loved it.

Back to the trees. Here is my wall before trees.

This is the big one, the Royalton. It's probably the best of the bunch, and one I only bought to round off my order. (A little OCD? I had to have 4. Because 3 just wouldn't do.)

And this one I wouldn't have picked, if I was shopping at a store. I just see problems down the road with this graft. This is the Starkrimson. You'd think that they'd take better care of trees that they name after themselves.

The roots aren't right either, the main one is twisted around itself, like it was pot-bound in a very small pot. It's hard to see in the photos, but if you look up, at the bottom of the image, you can see the root going down the left side, and around the bottom. The next shot is under the tree, the root starts below, where the two roots split, and curls around, under, and goes off across the bottom. I think I may want to cut this one off. Though it is kinda the main root. I'm open for comments and suggestions.

Finally, here is the "after" shot. I put a honeyberry in each pot, and I will probably put the other two in the pots with the plums later today.

In order they are; Royalton with Blue Velvet, Starkrimson with Blue Belle, Blackgold with Berry Blue, and Stella with Blue Moon.

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