Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chick Update (#3)

During chicken class, the instructor said we should start with 24-hour or almost 24-hour light, and gradually decrease the daylight until it's time for them to go outside. The idea being that they will then be older, and stimulated by the increased light outside, to lay eggs. So last night, I set up another light fixture for the girls.

It's a little awkward, because I had to pull the pool out from under the table. Now it's in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I've set the two lamps up with two timers, so when one goes off, the other goes on.

They seem to like it. While it was on, they were the quietest, most sleepy babies.

They look very silly, sleeping with their little necks stretched out like that.

He also said that I should be reducing the temperature each week, so I raised the lights a bit. Though I don't have a thermometer.

Also, I'm sorry that my Picasa Web Album is being pissy about the videos that I took. (Sleep chirping is cute.) They won't upload right, and I'm being offered the chance to download a new program to "make uploading videos easier!" There was no problem with uploading videos *before* photos at Google+ had a new product for me. -_-

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