Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy Day

We started our morning at the Town Hall, where Erin was invited to participate in "Civic Day".

The kids were to shadow town officials for the day, so they were sworn in.

Erin was assigned to the Tax Collector, and off they went!

Please forgive the haze, it's the camera in my phone, I've lost the little protective outer lens . =(

I then ran to my class on fermenting, at New Pond Farm. This is Alex, New Pond Farms Program Director, and our instructor for the class. He spoke about fermenting keifer, yogurt, sourdough, and kimchi. He brought in something called "Curtido" which is like a latin american kraut. (I think it's similar to kimchi, too.)

Then we started making stuff. We cut up cabbage, carrots, onions, beets,

 ginger, dandelion, garlic mustard, some other herbs that I wish I remembered the name of, and a little salt.

 Mixed it all together, then mushed it! Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze... Stuff it in a jar.

And now we wait. He said let it sit for about two days, then put it in the 'fridge, where it could last forever! Getting a more tangy flavor as it ages.

We were able to sample some that he had made.

We mixed it with avocado, and had it on chips. Here's the avocado:

I was too busy eating to take anymore pictures! Yum!
Time to go scratch "ferment something" off my New Years List! =D

Quick! Back to Town Hall!

They had lunch for the kids. This was the best I could do, they just wouldn't stop making faces. -_-

The kids were awarded certificates.

Erin and her friends took the rest of the day off, and she went to play at their house... And I went to the garden! Where I found my new fence has already been destroyed.

Somebody went down the line, stomping on each post. My back hurts just thinking about fixing it. Again.
I did get several of the boxes weeded, and planted some sage, dill, and lavender. I spent about two hours there today.

Then it was back to pick her up, and check on my girls while I was there.

The wild bees are still more active, but Dave's girls are picking up a bit. =)

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a lazy day!

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