Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Bees

Gabrielle couldn't come today, she has a sick child at home. =(
So, I played with the bees all by myself. =) I was watching the observation hive, looking for the red-marked queen, when I saw a flash of red- But no, it wasn't her. It was a little worker who had brought in some lovely red pollen. =)

Pretty soon, I spotted the queen.

She had just checked out a queen cell. It's hard to see, but it's right above her.

I checked the other hives, topped off the sugar syrup, removed the entrance reducer on Gabrielles hive. (the others have mouse-guards.) I looked at the queen cell in the Taylors hive, it's still empty. It was probably from last years bees, since we re-use the frames. Looks like Gabrielles hive and the Taylors hive could use another super. The Flanagans hive is just starting to draw comb on their second super,

Then, I went to look at my girls.

Now you can really see the difference! I removed the entrance reducer on the wild hive, but left it on the other. I think I'll need another super on the wild hive soon. =)

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