Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Pond Farm Bees

 So I've volunteered to run the Adopt-a-Hive program at New Pond Farm. (Told you I'd been doing stuff!) And today I met Gabrielle. She's a nurse who will be visiting her hive on Mondays. I met the Flanagans last week, they'll be coming on Thursdays, but not this week. The Taylors haven't answered my e-mails yet, so I'll just watch their hive while they're busy.
 Gabrielle and I found and painted her queen.

 While I was there, I checked the Observation hive, Flanagan hive, and the Taylor hive. All looks well so far, but the Taylor hive has a queen cell started, I'll have to keep my eye on them.

 When I was done at New Pond, I went to check on my girls, and pick up the empty nuc boxes for David. Brave Kate had pulled the nuc boxes away from the hives. =) The wild swarm is very active, the other one not so much.
 This is a picture she sent me from her phone.

 I added a medium super to each hive anyway. I ran into Dave when I was returning his boxes, and he said that, that one nuc that he gave me wasn't as full as he'd have liked, and if I had any problems just to let him know and he'd fix it. =) That's a good seller! I'll have to keep a close eye on those girls.

 Over the weekend all the local plant clubs were having their spring/Mothers Day sales. I went with Sally on Friday to Ridgefield and Wilton. We brought Louie along for the ride.

 He's very popular with the ladies!

At Ridgefield, they had a few raffle baskets and I bought some tickets. And I won the bee basket!

I'm pretty sure the (now missing) tag said that it includes a beekeeping class at "The Hickories" which is a farm in Ridgefield that I've never been to! Inside the basket is a rubber honeycomb ice tray, some honey, some "honey soap", and  Marinas' book, which I haven't read yet,. Marina was the president of The Backyard Beekeepers Association last year, and she owns Red Bee. I don't know if the honey is hers or not, as there was also a card for "Just Desserts" by Kristen MC... Though, it was probably a recycled basket. I dunno.

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