Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Bees!

I know, I know... I haven't written in awhile. =(
I thought about writing everything to catch up, but that seemed too much like work. So, I've done stuff. I'll leave what I've done to your imagination. =)

But today! Today, I picked up two nucs from David and brought them to my friends house, where they're going to live.

This is my friend, Kate:

She was a little nervous, but jumped right in like a pro!

Then we noticed the hole.

Turns out, the girls had already found it!

Typical frame inspection shots here:

Kate spotted the queen, she's got a spot of yellow paint. That's because she was born last year, this years color is red.

The nuc hive in the front was wild caught last year. (Proving that it can be done!) And the other, with the painted queen, David raised himself.

And we were done!

Thank you Erin for taking the pictures safely behind the window.

Afterwards, we went to a plant sale. And dug around in Kate's garden. More on that tomorrow! (Maybe)

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