Monday, August 12, 2013

Lazy Blogger

 I just realized that I haven't posted an update on my fig cuttings from UC Davis. So, here it is. =)

The first one is "Genoa". Only one of the three cuttings has leafed out, though the others still look green and good.

Next up, we have "Giant Amber". Same thing, one out of three.

The next one is "Violette de Bordeaux". All three have leafed out, and have a neat-looking skinny leaf. My only concern with this one is that the leaves are slightly discolored. They have these lighter patches, and I don't know if that's normal for this variety, or if it's a disease like Mosaic virus.

 The fourth one is a Early Violet. All three have opened up, and look good. Whew!

Last, I have "Black Madeira". They only sent one, and it hasn't done anything. The tip is still green, and it looks like it wants to open any day now. I'm planning on taking this one in the house over winter if it doesn't open up.

 My newest project is.....  Grapes!

 These first two pictures are the green "champagne-type" grape. It looks a little ratty, probably from shipping, but the roots look lovely.
 I soaked them in water for a day first.

Then, planted them out in buckets.

 This one is "Crimson". It looked much better from the get-go. Fuller, darker leaves, no black stuff on it anywhere.

Edited to fix the blurry mess. =)

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