Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

We dog-sat for Waldo for a few days.

 After he went home, we messed around with hair for awhile, then went to spend the day at Maritime Aquarium.

I loved this little guy! He's a Bull-nose ray. He kept coming over to Erin and popping out of the water to say "Hi!" and did the dolphin walk a few times. =) Very cute.

We saw some neat things.

And, some scary things.

Why are all the seals blind?

Not a great shot, but it shows that this seal is blind in both eyes. =(

They have a new, temporary exhibit. Lorikeets!

You could buy little cups of nectar to feed them, and they love the stuff! They also had a thing for Erins' hair. =D Look at #5 on the wall, eyeballing her shoulder.

If you live nearby, you should go check it out. The nectar is $3 for the 1oz cup, and it lasts awhile, depending on how many birds land on you! I just found out that this weekend, Labor Day weekend, is the end of the exhibit! Hurry!

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