Monday, July 15, 2013

Early July, Bees

These are the bees at New Pond Farm.

I couldn't meet Gabrielle on Monday because of the tornado, but I did get to check on them on Wednesday. (7-03-13) In order, these are the Flanigan hive, Gabrielles hive, and the Taylors hive.

 Gabrielles and the Flanigans look crowded outside. Maybe it's just the heat? Looking inside, I see it's crowded there too. They have lots of nectar and  honey, plenty of pollen, but not a lot of brood or babies.

The brood I do see is mostly drones.

Any experienced beekeepers out there? Do bees usually make less babies when it's hot and they haven't got a lot of nectar coming in to the hive? It makes sense to me.

This was lovely to see:

It's the first full frame of honey that I've seen in all my hives, and New Pond's hives too! This was in Gabrielles hive. I can't wait until Monday to show her!

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