Monday, July 15, 2013

Last Wednesday Bees

I'm still catching up with posting since my vacation!

Now that I'm back home and my daughter is in Shakespeare camp, I can get back to my bees.

I started the day at the Sheahans, everything is looking good

Honey is being made.            

 And they're drawing out the new comb.

Here's the yellow queen, I've just noticed that she's clipped!

I took out the frames from the extra honey super, and added a syrup feeder on top.


The wild hive is looking good too! Here's honey!

And drawing out new comb.

These are the alternating frames, you can see which ones are old and new. =)

They're making queen cups, but no new queen cells... Yet!

OK, this is *almost* done, but no egg is inside. Thank goodness.

Lots and lots of new queen cups... Are they kidding?

I just like the way this photo came out, all focused on the hive below. =)

I added a syrup feeder to this hive too, and and empty super around it.

Next up are the Walker's hives.

Looking OK.

This queen cell is ripped open from the top, I think the queen found one that she'd missed!

Yes! New larvae, and brood.

One of the girls must have brushed up to the queen after she was painted, this worker has a touch of red on her shoulder. =) Can you see her?

And some sweet, sweet nectar! Almost honey... Almost.

OK, now this is a new divided 10-frame hive, I took a class on overwintering nucs on June 30th. We were all sent home with this special divided hive, and 2 marked queens. So, I had to pull a few more frames of brood and eggs and nectar. But they all look alright now.

The divider in the middle of the bottom board is screwed in, (Thanks, Dad!) the divider in the hive body slides into a groove, but can be removed if I need to make it into a single 10-frame deep. (I hope that never happens!)

The 2, 5-frame inner covers are made of some kind of masonry board. If I remember the name, I'll update the blog. *scratches head* Don't hold your breath!
It has a front and side entrance routed in.

The hives weren't very busy on the outside, but they look OK inside.

Oops! I dripped a little nectar! Sorry, girls! Thanks for cleaning that up for me!

They had the job done in no time!

This is the other side. Very quiet.

 Looks OK inside.

Oh, dear! queen cells. Well, I didn't see either new queen. So, I'm hoping that they'll sort themselves out. I did remove both empty queen cages, so they should be in there, somewhere.

Good luck girls!

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