Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last Week...

Sunday evening we went to the Concert on the Green.

It was so much fun, we're going again tonight. =)

During the week, I played in the garden.

I moved the potato bags, and brought more blueberries over. Picked blueberries, raspberries, and a few onions. =)

And I spent a day with the bees. I started at Nancy's, the hives look more active than last time.

 Left side, making babies.

Right side, found the queen! Look closely, she's spotted not striped. 0_O Odd.

Off to the Walkers... Sorry about the blurriness, this was the best shot. Queen Virginia seems to have gotten the paint off of her back, but not her wing. Looks kinda odd, but she was easy to spot.

She's doing a great job! Just look:

Packed with larvae, yay!

I didn't see Queen Bunny, but there's plenty of capped brood.

Wait, what's this? A queen cell? Oh, dear.

This one is in the middle of the frame instead of on the bottom edge. That means it's a succession cell, instead of a swarm cell. Are we looking at Queen Bunny II?

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