Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday at the Rodale Institute

I guess the title gives it all away. =) On Friday, I went with my friends, Anne and Jane, to the Rodale Institute for "Field Day".

It was very educational, but not very hands-on. We rode around behind some tractors, and listened to some speakers talk about their projects.

I loved the rice paddy:

And the hydroponics:

This geodome was neat, but not being used for anything:

We got to pet some animals.

And look at the beehives. (But we didn't get to pet any.) This is a hybrid hive, the bottom being a divided top-bar hive, with a Langstroth hive on top for honey collection. It can hold up to 3 colonies of bees. I'd suggest that they use smaller honey supers on top, since they're going to be very heavy when they're full!

It was an interesting day, but very, very hot!

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